I offer my thoughts with the understanding that no one will agree with everything I say. That is okay, democrats represent a party of ideas, with the common goal of harnessing federal power to serve the public interest. What unites us is our desire to propel our great country onward by meeting the needs of the many, in addition to the few of have it made. A guiding belief for democrats is that we bring everyone along in a growing economy and an improving society.

-George McGovern


The Liberal Database was created for the main purpose of articulating a Progressive vision of freedom in today’s political landscape. We have allowed Conservatives to commandeer the language of freedom. But real freedom is the freedom of empowerment. Freedom and prosperity should be available to everyone who works hard and plays by the rules. The site is intended to be a think tank of Liberal ideas and arguments to combat the traditional Conversation and Libertarian arguments that are vogue today. Links and resources contain dozens of incredible and up to date sources of information and research demonstrating the accuracy of progressive arguments. Issues covers evidence and information for the most common subjects that will come up at your next dinner party and work gathering. Arguments contain foundational information on arguing, debating, framing and refuting common premises and arguments from the right. The Database contains hundreds of progressive arguments searchable by keyword and category. Good luck in your next debate!