What’s really wrong with allowing people in?

Trump and the Republicans say that the US is “full.” But most of the United States is empty when it comes to land area. People aren’t a net loss if the produce. There is plenty of room for more population centers, which would offer more production and contribute even more to a growing economy. That’s why Conservatives want right? A growing economy.

What’s really wrong? You’re concerned about them getting a hand out? You can change welfare and the social safety net program to require a social security number, and a valid record of having lived in the US. You’re not mad at immigration. You’re mad that they get benefits.

What’s really wrong? You’re concerned they will vote Democrat and offer free stuff to bums? But you just said that it’s not the Republicans who are racists. It’s supposed to be the Democrats. Why would they vote for Democrats if the Democrats weren’t more sympathetic to people of color? You’re concerned that Democrats will enact legislation for “free” stuff to get them to vote for them? What actual policies have Democrats proposed or passed in the past that “gives free stuff” to “illegals?” That’s a generalization, like saying “Republicans are racists” and “Democrats want to give away the entire budget to bums. But you’d need to be specific.

For centuries immigrants have been the backbone of this entire country. Why now would it be so catastrophic? We can’t handle it? How many Mexicans are actually lazy? All you need is for them to be productive and there is no argument that they will be a “drain” on the economy. It wouldn’t be any different than a higher birth rate or any other time when immigrants have come to the country. The backbone of all economic growth and prosperity in a capitalistic system is the individuals in a population producing more than they consume. You’re concerned they will “take” jobs away from everyone else but as conservatives are fond of telling us, there is no single finite box of jobs that the government just sets down in front of everyone each year and says “Here you go, here are your jobs, work.” Immigrants also create jobs, and start businesses, which would be new places for more immigrants to work.

You aren’t really concerned about allowing people into the country. And if you are, then you’re simply racist. And that’s not just name calling. You literally just hate the idea of non white people entering what you consider “your” country. You’re worried about people coming in and just not doing anything and collecting free stuff. But if they work, and they produce, and they aren’t receiving “free stuff” then there should be no problem. That’s just like any other regular person in the country. You could do without a wall, without all of this argument over keeping people out and put the time and effort into jobs and productivity for immigrants. Then you’d simply have even more production. The fact that you are that concerned with only “keeping people out” is racism and xenophobia.

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