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Government is Good

Beautiful website and hub to dozens of incredible sources articulating the virtues of this vital institution. Arguments for how Coservatives misuse Government and how Liberals harness public power for broadly shared prosperity.

Government is Good
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Economic Research Center

Profound source of Raw economic data ready for study and research for argument and debate. Instead of sifting through dozens of books and articles, go straight to the source and find the real information free from bias.

St. Louis Fed
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Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Incredible hub of information relating to federal and state budgets, spending taxation, and economics informing Progressive debate.
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Center for Economic and Policy Research

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) promotes democratic debate on the most important economic and social issues that affect people’s lives

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Economic Policy Institute

The Economic Policy Institute’s mission is to inform and empower individuals to seek solutions that ensure broadly shared prosperity and opportunity.

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The Equality Trust

Inequality is one of the most serious challenges facing our society today. Conservatives deny any possible ill effects of inequality and even celebrate it. This is a very dangerous position that needs countered.

The Equality Trust


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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Perhaps the ultimate source for cross country and domestic economic research, countless tables, variables, and data on innumerable topics can be found here. The final source in cross country comparisons.

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Citizens for Tax Justice

When the dust settles, most debates will eventually come down to taxes. Here is a phenomenal source to see who pays what.

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Tax Policy Center

Perhaps the most comprehensive database of tax information available. A cosmos of tax information ready to be framed into any debate you require.

Tax Policy Center
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The World Bank

Monstrous blog and databank of articles pertaining to matters of finance and taxation.

World Bank

Research – Sources of information that are relatively undistilled and raw. Source information from which you can create your own arguments, statistics, or conclusions.

US Government Spending 

US Government Revenue 

The National Bureau of Economic Research

Trading Economics 

Congressional Budget Office  

Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy 

Joint Committee on Taxation 

Economists View (Good)

Measuring Worth 

Economics Online 

Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Think by Numbers 

Real Clear Markets 

My Budget 360

Think Tanks – Powerful Sites with ready made arguments from raw data. Up to date articles with current research. Distilled and preframed sites from prior Raw data. 

Center for American Progress 


Urban Institute 

Wealth for the Common Good 

Brookings Institute 

Urban Institute 

Scholars Strategy Network 



A general compendium of links, articles, and rebuttals to the ideology that markets are the solution to everything, wealth indicates entirely what you have done for people, and any bad state of affairs is your own fault and you should suffer. Basically, a rebuttal to the ideology of complete tyranny – to private forces.

Thomas Sowell: Idiot Emeritus

Blogs – Ongoing commentary by well reviewed and published economists and writers.

Unsettling Economics – Michael Perelman

Links to Debunk: