Paradox of tolerance Example

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An example of the Paradox of tolerance, a construct often used by the right wing and conservatives to justify hate speech, racism, and bigotry, while vilifying any public indictment of such speech as “hypocritical.” “You’re intolerant for not believing in my right to say all gays should die!” Special argument is required to point out the faulty analogy.

When liberals call out hate speech, or call for action against white supremacy, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia and many others things, things commonly seen on the right, conservatives often gleefully see this as an opportunity to try to point out hypocrisy on the Left. “See, you guys are the intolerant ones! You don’t accept my brand of freedom, which happens to be corrosive hate speech!” Conservatives rely on two major fallacies, Ad hominem tu quoque – “You do it too” argument, and Faulty Analogy. Understanding Paradox of tolerance is very helpful in this type of argument. In summary, there is a difference along with a distinction in our example. Freedom to be who you, while hurting no one, and remaining unharmed is a freedom worth protecting according to liberal values. The freedom to harm another for being who they are is not a freedom necessarily worth protecting. One groups claims to be harmed just by other people existing. The other group is legitimately harmed and is just trying to get it to stop. 

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