Poverty and Hunger in America

To Republicans (Also known as Sociopaths, Psychopaths, or Solipsists) poverty and hunger don’t really exist in the United States. It can only and ever be in some manner the person’s shortcoming’s or deserved punishment for laziness and unwillingness to produce. If a problem doesn’t exist, then clearly it doesn’t need to be addressed and certainly not alleviated. This allowed more tax breaks for the wealthy, and more subsidies for the very rich, the only people who exist in the Republican ideal. Here we examine evidence to demonstrate that poverty and hunger really do exist in the United States, and that it is in fact, a pervasive problem on a scale seen in few if any comparably developed OECD countries.

Measuring Poverty

There is no doubt that the metrics used to determine poverty are varied and complex. To be clear, no one is suggesting any particular measurement is going to be perfect and faultless. We can, however, attain a fairly reasonable approximation with various methods of measurement. To reject the acknowledgement of poverty on the basis of a working but imperfect measurement is a strawman fallacy. We won’t need to claim we know with perfect accuracy every single human in the US who is living in poverty. We do know some important facts however. That poverty exists. Many people go hungry. Many people do have have regular food security. Many people do not have access to the education then need to get ahead or the healthcare they require to remain healthy or even stay alive. Poverty exists.

–Content from the book We Are Better Than This, a fantastic resource for this subject, will be added here.