Republicans – textbook example that they hate the poor

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“HUD Secretary Ben Carson to propose tripling rent for some low-income Americans receiving federal housing subsidies”

They see people of low income as ‘problems’ in and of themselves. The only conception of help, to make this world ‘better’ is upon seeing someone drowning, to throw them not a liferaft but a brick. The notion that, if people suffer, making them suffer even more is the solution, because the only way to help someone in agony is to make them worse, so that they are in so much agony they will immediately find a magical solution out of it. That, in their suffering…they are only their because they are stupid and lazy, because obviously they would have found a way out if they ‘wanted’ to. And to make them go through incalcullable agony, will expose their sloth, and show everyone they really could have if they’d tried. The reality is in fact, when you throw drowning people a brick, they just sink and die. The proposition that helping the suffering by making it worse is the solution, is a product of minds so demented as to be inhuman. The idea in these people’s head, is that those with the most will only work harder if you give them more, and those with the least will work harder only if you give them less. And this dicotomy exposes the truth of American Conservatism: It is clear by this astonishing fallacy of logic they don’t intent to help those with the least. That, it isnt only that they hate poor people – it’s that their journey can never be complete until they make them as miserable as humanly possible. That the only solution for having not become as wealthy as they think you should have, is to enact punishment. The rich are to be applauded, and rewarded with only more. It’s this single minded obsession with surgically targeting the least well off for destruction, that makes any attempt at a rebuttal on their behalf that they care about anyone outside of the rich, naive and flawed. We all care about our self interests, and we all care more about our self interests than others, and that’s fine. It could be one thing if they only catered to the rich, and ignored the poor or struggling. They would only be heartless, selfish, or sociopathic at that point. But at least it could be said they just want to be left alone to pursuit their own profit. No. It is events like this that shows that their own profit is never enough. It is never enough, unless they destroy the vulnerable. That their self interest actively includes to suffering of the struggling. That money isn’t of any use to them, unless they know when they sleep at night, that they have hurt others as well. Viewed in this light, it is why it is easy to argue that the modern Republican party is more than just useless, harmful, and sociopathic. It is that they are truly demented, psychopathic, and pure evil.

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