Republicans – The Party of Hate

A favorite pastime of Republicans is attempting to take qualities that Liberals pride ourselves in, and claim them for their own while attacking Liberals for the opposite. For example, Republicans, the party of imperialists, hate, bigotry, sociopathy, racism, white supremacy, and intolerance will sometimes attempt to troll Liberals by claiming to be the party of empathy and tolarance while Liberals are the intolerant and hateful. Beat someone at their speciality and you really win they suppose. I don’t think any Republican really believes this, but it’s a fun debate tactic for them. Here are techniques to combat this parlor trick, and defend Liberalism on its strongest merits.

While there are always exceptions, there are in general certain types of people who enjoy certain activiies. For example, you will see a higher percentage of people at a Science Fiction convention who know how to play Magic the Gathering, than you will at a biker convention.

Oops: PBS Story on Trump Supporters Didn’t Notice White Supremacist Tattoos

Here a story on PBS airs in which the editors failed to notice that the supporters of Trump in this story had White Supremacists tattoos.

How many Bernie Sander’s supporters, the type of people who believe in Democratic Socialism and shared values, do you suppose would have White Supremacists Tattoos? Do you think such a person would most likely find the message of Sanders, or Trump, more compelling?

Your opponent will claim this is cherry picking, or data mining, and if they are more sophisticated will claim it is a hasty generalization. But once certain premises are agreed to, that there really are certain kinds of people who find certain messages more compelling, he will find little ground to stand on. If he denies things like the following, that it is likely you will find a higher percentage of people who Watch Star Trek at a GenCon than (He cannot claim they are the same thing, one is science fiction and the other a gaming convention) a biker bar, he can do this, but it will demonstrate the sort of mental gymnastics necessary to avoid having to admit those kind of people who support Trump are more likely to also be those kind of people who hate gays, are racist, and hate Muslims – all textbooks examples of hate.

Dear GOP, this is your base on Trump.


Posted by The Other 98% on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

(Much more to come)