Examining those claims of the right regarding their crushing taxation and supposed coercive support of a nation of freeloaders.  In a nutshell, they pay an equal or smaller percentage of their taxes than lower wage earners, and though they are responsible for the majority of the revenue going to the treasury, they earn the commensurate income to justify it. Taking Capital Gains into account, the highest earners may be taxed far below low income earners. We are also the lightest taxed developed nation in the OECD.

Getting the Facts Straight on Taxes in America 

Top 10% earn 42% of all income but pay 50% of total taxes but control 75% of all wealth. 

Tax share vs Income Share, total tax revenue – Citizens for Tax Justice – The only page you’ll need. 

Effective Tax Rate by Size of Income, 2000-2010

Do Taxes Thwart Growth? Prove It

They mocking complain “Gotta pay our fair share” in a smarmy voice. Yes you do. You earn all the damn income. Why are you complaining about paying a commensorate share of income to other earners in the best place in the world to do business but lowest taxed? Who is it that wants something for free?

Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Income Taxes

Citizens for Tax Justice 

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The next time some moron takes a shot at Obama because he doesn’t have a defined “tax plan” in place. Here are all of the tax rates for the past 150 years.

U.S. Federal Individual Income Tax Rates History, 1862-2013