The Concept of Well Being

Conservatives hate it when you talk about well-being. I think they know their ideas aren’t meant for the well-being of most people, but only the very richest and most powerful. The way they get around this is telling us there is no way we can define wellbeing, so we don’t’ get to talk about it. Children working to death in mines with no hope of purchasing one of those private educations offered in the privatized world is just as good of a life as the wealthiest CEO spending his days on one of his yacht. The reason Conservatives don’t accept that well-being is a viable concept is because they know all of their ideas and policies are meant to thrust everyone except for the very richest into abject misery and poverty. But, since we can never measure well being in their world, we can’t ever complain about it or say there is anything wrong with this. That way they can justify their positions of greed, racism, and hate.

Sam Harris offers the most compelling arguments for an objective well being seen in modern times. And it is especially helpful in articulating the idea that it really is true that some things are just worse than others. Some things are just better than others. Well-being is something we get to talk about. And creating a world more conducive to well-being, instead of merely profit for those at the top, is a world worth working toward.