Why Republicans in general hate people.

Republicans hate people. Without seeing people suffer, Republicans cannot be happy. Only one thing in the world makes Republicans happier than making more money than everyone else and seeing the very wealthy make more – seeing people suffer so they can blame the victims for their problems. Nothing makes a Republican happier than telling a person who is in a bad position that it is his own fault and he deserves to suffer because of it. Here are many of the ways Republicans (And to some extent many Libertarians) hate people, and only derive happiness from the suffering of others.

Jeb Bush – Unmarried Mothers should be Publicly Shamed 

Republicans In This State Vow To Not Issue Birth Certificates To Single Mothers

State purges 9,000 children from medical system in cost-saving overhaul

Florida kicks 9,000 chronically ill, disabled kids out of healthcare system






Rand Paul